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Black Bear Challenge--a different kind of ecology

Who would have thought that skills acquired while studying wolves, elk, woodpeckers, and trees would help you conquer!  The skill I am speaking of is that of map and compass, which both Katie (my girlfriend) and I came to possess after previous field work.  Katie gained it whilst working as a forestry technician for the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service, and I gained it whilst working for the Forest Service and Montana State in Yellowstone N.P.  And what did we conquer???

With no experience and only half an idea of what it even is, Katie and I took part in our first ever adventure race, called the Black Bear Challenge, the beginner version of the Grizzly Man Adventure Race, in Missoula, Montana.  We raced as a coed team, and we are still dating.

I came up with the team name Pika, thinking that, wouldn't it be cool if a little squeaky psuedo-rabbit of the high alpine dominated every other team (this is the type of stuff Katie puts up with dating an ecologist)??…

Are some Weddell seal pups couch potatoes?

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