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Aspiring? Yes...yes, indeed

Since I began my blog, I have been confronted by several people unhappy about the title of my blog:
"You ARE an ecologist" they say, "not an aspiring ecologist!"
To you kind-hearted and well-meaning friends, I must silence you.

For the past two weeks I have been fully engaged in a new position at Montana State University, working for the same professor who hired me for the central Yellowstone elk and wolf project and the Weddell seal Antarctica project.  Following Antarctica, my performance in the field (and the classroom) somehow convinced him that I was worth hiring for a duration of 10.5 months (for those not familiar with wildlife tech jobs...that is 3-4x longer than most positions) to work on aspects of THREE of his research projects, these being:  continued elk population study in Yellowstone, new studies in the greater Yellowstone area on bighorn sheep and mountain goats, and then returning to Antarctica for next season's round of seal work.  It quite …