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Recent Wanderings in the Desert


*Idahooooh, oh oh oh Idahooooh

I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth.  I immediately had to rescind them.  "This is the best job ever!" said me to myself  (and yes, I was talking to myself as I am apt to do since I've been working these consecutive field jobs).  Seriously?  Hadn't I just spent five and a half months creeping around Yellowstone tracking wolves and elk, digging around in carcasses, and watching bears romp after bison?  Assertion rescinded...but...still half true!

I live and work in a beautiful place.  The Soldier Mountains (complete with a ski resort, hiking and mountain biking trails, and several hot springs) are right out my back door, literally.  The picture above is the road headed North to the house I am currently dwelling in (the BLM biologist's house).  In the more zoomed in picture below, the two buildings that you can see right-center, is that house.

And my room above the garage:
This job has made me love Idaho all the more than I already do.  Idaho is…