Seals from the sky

Each season, we take two helicopter flights on a 'recce' seal mission to locate any seals in our study area that we can not find from the ground. These flights often reveal groups of seals or a mom with a pup in some hidden pocket amidst the glacial jumbles frozen in the sea ice. It's always a great flight (though sometimes turbulent) for seeing the extent and expanse of the study area and surrounds. I figured a post of aerial images might give you a different and interesting perspective of the Erebus Bay that the seals call home. Enjoy the flight!

To weigh a pup

An evening amidst the seals

Back to Big Razorback

Flags and first tags

All the things: food, gear, snowmobiles, & tags

Finally, we deploy!

Fare thee well, seals of Erebus Bay