Fare thee well, seals of Erebus Bay

The 49th season of the Erebus Bay Weddell seal population study is complete! In early December, the crew tagged and surveyed the last few seals, packed up the sea ice camp at Big Razorback, and pulled all the bamboo flags marking the sea ice roads. An astounding season and a top-notch crew. Be sure to check out the final blog post for the project and if you missed crew member Aubrey Power's blog, check it out too. In mid-December, the last of the crew piled into a C130 and dispersed, either to travel or return home (I'm writing this from my Missoula, Montana home). This marks my last blog post for this season, but if you'd like to stay connected to Aspiring Ecologist, be sure to follow @aspiringecologist on Facebook, @aspiringecol on Twitter, or @jessedevoe on Instagram. Check out more about our science at
All photos acquired under NMFS Permit #21158

The field season wanes and the pups wean...

Quick P'update

Pup Catch-up

Deployment to the 77th Parallel

A Delay Day Trek to Godley Head

A Weddell seal orchestra

Delay Day Dos