Deployment to the 77th Parallel

Yesterday morning, we finally did not hear that wretched hotel room phone ring at 4:45 AM informing of us of yet another 24 hour delay. We were to fly south! We excitedly assembled at the Clothing Distribution Center to do our last bit of packing, ensure we had enough stuff if we "boomerang" (e.g., be forced to turn around mid-flight and return to Christchurch due to poor conditions on the ice. Once our checked bags are loaded, they do not return them to us if we boomerang, so we only have our carry-on), check and weigh our bags (max 85 pounds total), and board the C17 that would wing us to the ice. 

Because of the multiple delays, the number of passengers aboard our fight multiplied, as there were supposed to be several flights over the past few days. This is part of the main body deployment when they move lots of support staff and scientists down for the summer season. 

The lack of windows for the 4+ hour flight makes peering through one of the few peep holes extremely ex…

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