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One Scoop and the Season Begins: The Return to Yellowstone

The snow is packed high in central Yellowstone.  Standing under the full moon sky, shadows starkly contrasting against the silver-blue snow (apparently the largest full moon in 18 years), Claire (my coworker for the season), Katie (my girlfriend), and I clamber up a six foot high wall of snow pushed up on the margins of the bridge at Madison Junction by the snow plows on their annual migration to clear all the roads in preparation for the masses.  But for now, the park is clear of all visitors.  And the researchers are back, continuing the project's 20th season of elk population research.

The research has been pared down considerably, as the project has published its primary findings.  However, interest in the outcome of the elk population due to wolf presence still remains.  Will the population be eliminated from the Madison-Firehole drainages completely?  Or is last season's pulse of new calves that survived the winter signaling a stabilization of the population?

On arrival…

Weddell Seal Science

The official Weddell Seal Science website has finally arrived!  There are new videos, photos, and even free ringtone downloads (for the hardcore Weddell seal enthusiasts)!  You can also follow updates on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.  Much of the site is under construction, but take a tour, listen to some seal banterings and enjoy the strange lives of these blubberous seals...the southern-most, ice-loving, blizzard-proof mammal in the world!

Also, check out these amazing current aerial shots of Antarctica.

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