Recent Wanderings in the Desert

Little City of Rocks, Bennett Hills, ID

Little City of Rocks

Never mess with a baby rattlesnake!  No control of venom injection = no bueno...

Prairie Falcon chick.  The parents were not happy about my presence, dive-bombing me as I tried to scramble down and away from the nest.

Fairly typical Prairie Falcon nesting site

Adult screaming and dive-bombing me.

Black Butte Crater...I'm not quite sure, but could be even cooler than Craters of the Moon NP

Surveying the crater for raptor nests

Watering hole for wildlife?

Bear cub tracks

Pacific Tree Frog.  Nowhere near the pacific.  Nowhere near trees.  But it is a frog.

Wilson's Phalarope

Wilson's Phalarope

Centennial Marsh in the Camas Prairie, ID


  1. Mmm, sublime! (Except for the trash... :-( .) It must be great to get to see all the creatures, camas and even the clouds out there each doing their thing. If this is your sentence, it does not seem so harsh.

  2. Jesse this is turning into quite the photography blog. Amazing images man. You oughtta start posting a little map of where wanderings as well. :-)


  3. Jesse, I have been kindly informed that the mysterious (to me) object I thought was a discarded hub cap is actually something much more benevolent and useful. Will you please explain it?

  4. Blue camas blue....nothing like it, except mountain bluebirds, I think. The little rattler is so fine. How many shots did it take to get that tongue flick? You are right on the eastern edge of Pacific tree frog range.

  5. I don't know why I didn't explain what it was in the photo, but, as far as my assumption leads (and my father will correct me if I'm wrong), it is a wildlife guzzler... providing water to those poor creatures that have traveled far and wide and cannot find a drink to wet their muzzle anywhere...

  6. Mon cher Jesse de Voe, merci. I googled "wildlife guzzler" and learned lots! So nice to know "we" are providing this helping hand to the desert dwellers. Here and there, anyway. (In case your mom's right.)

  7. Jesse DeVoe, you take beautiful photographs.


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