All the things: food, gear, snowmobiles, & tags

Shane and Kaitlin collecting our pre-ordered food to feed 8 people for the first half of the season in camp. I'd say we eat very well on the addition to this line up we have a large diversity of frozen foods, and, when team members go in to McMurdo for a day off, we can pick up freshies (bread, fruit, cookies, etc) to bring back to camp.

Kaitlin separating DNF (Do Not Freeze!) items for separate transport: freezable foods get packed into our huts before they are pulled out to our field camp location, non-freezables will be transported the day we move everyone to camp and the huts are warmed up.

We drive a lot of trucks early season to help us move gear to and from science support work centers (that have prepared/organized the gear for us), staging areas, and our huts (like #15 hut pictured here. These are basically heated cargo containers!)

Snowmobile training is required every season, which gives us a great opportunity to learn tricks of start up, maintenance, and repair in the field. We put more miles on snowmachines than any other science team in order to do our research. And with so many miles every season, breakdowns and mishaps are guaranteed. Luckily, we have good training and lots of experience on the team.

And lastly, but certainly not least, we finished stringing our seal tags! We have >1,000 charlie ("C" for cerulean) tags ready for the seals.

Box o' delight to seal scientists eyes!