A Delay Day Trek to Godley Head

The storm in McMurdo rages on. This is delay day #4! It will make the arrival that much sweeter. Luckily, the crew on the ice is getting things done. Even in the weather, our camp was pulled about 13 miles from McMurdo across the sea ice to Big Razorback Island using heavy equipment (the ice is that thick!). Safe routes have been flagged (by placing bamboo poles every 20 m or so) throughout the study area, some acting as main "highways" for science teams, others leading to specific places, like Turtle Rock where seals like to haul out on the ice. Hazards, like cracks, are flagged so they are easily seen. There is still more flagging to be done, camp needs to be organized, and the second half of the team (that's the three of us stuck in Christchurch) needs to arrive! Instead, we are making the most of our time in Christchurch. Today, we trekked out to Godley Head Park, where remnants from World War II turret pads and embattlements remain.

A beautiful area and well worth the miles of hiking

Alissa looking for penguins (none were seen)

World War II turret protecting Lyttleton Harbor

Looking back toward Christchurch (in the far distance)