Colonizing Big Razorback

The time has arrived:  our huts have been moved onto the ice, the crew finalizes training tomorrow, and then...bumbumbum!...we move to the B-009 Big Razorback camp!  (All Weddell seal images obtained under NMFS Permit No. 17236)
A tour of the huts will come later, but this is basically what each hut is...a cargo container on skis.  The tracked vehicle on the left is called a Piston Bulley, which we used to haul all our gear to camp in today.

Inside the equipment hut, viewing our moving-in mess.  Pup weigh bags hanging on the wall in the background, propane heater with big metal pot to melt ice and snow for rinsing/washing hands and tools (cause we get kinda poopy), snowmobile helmet, water bottle freezer-preventer-thingy, first aid kit, and TP
Orienting the new guys, Jason and Eric, to the seals.  Hello seal mamma and pup (one of the first born this season!)

The reason we are here.  Awww.  Notice we have already enacted some science on these two?
Big Razorback mass of rock
Seal art


  1. These are fantastic photos Jesse! Thanks for keeping them coming its great to keep up on what you're all doing!


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