Diamond Harbour Delay Day

A 9PM phone call last night from the US Antarctic Program informed us that we had a 24 hour delay on our deployment to the ice. I have not verified the reason, but rumors were that a previous storm laid more snow than could be cleared off the ice runway in time for the arrival of our LC-130. So, with my adventurous co-workers Alissa and Aubrey, we set out to explore more of the Christchurch area, in the rain of course. To Diamond Harbour it was - a highly under-visited and highly rated (by us) place to visit! An easy bus ride to the port town of Lyttleton, and a cheap ferry ride across the bay. If you go, plan to walk the tracks along the coast and eat at the Preserved Cook School & Eatery (weird name, excellent food).

Port town of Lyttleton on Banks Peninsula, serving the Christchurch and Canterbury area. Looked like massive forest product exports.

Lyttleton port operations

Now, looking back at Lyttleton from Diamond Harbour.

Spring time flowers!

Walking tracks go out from Diamond Harbour along the coastline, providing excellent vistas and exotic vegetation.

Piling back on to the ferry for return to Lyttleton. 


  1. We are enjoying your blog! Your delay is our gain--more NZ coastal beauty to enjoy. Is that a mudpuppy? Cute <3!! I remember finding one in Lake Mendota and being told that's what it was. Who can forget a name like that?

    1. It's actually a sculpin, which may be another common name for a mudpuppy?? They are capable of surviving out of water as long as they are moist, by gulping air.


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