To Castle Rock Then!

Sometimes, McMurdo ain't such a bad place...
Grab some friends, and go for a hike!

(Of course you have to check out with the firehouse, makes sure you have a radio, and be sure to check back in before they send the search and rescue...)

Friends (Terry, Eric, and John) hiking to Castle Rock (blocky rock in background)...a 4.5 mile trot on a groomed and flagged road on top of Ross Island.

Eric on the approach.  Felt good to get my feet back on some real rock!

From here, we can see everything!  Mt Discovery in the background, McMurdo is actually hiding off in the distance between some of the exposed rocky knobs.  Beautiful day, but severely windy.


  1. That last picture is beautiful! Do you have one with color?

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I do not...

    2. Ah, shucks.

      I'm curios, why do you capture some pictures in grayscale? Is it because there would just be so much white in those picture that it ruins the contrast? I usually only capture pictures in grayscale during low-light settings. And if I want some colored pictures to have that grayscale feel, I edit them later.

    3. Yeah, I've been asked this before, and my answer is probably lame to most photographers! I just don't want the color shots. I know I can convert them later, but in all my shooting down here, 80% of my photos in black and white I like much better than the color shots, so I just decided my theme this season was black and white, and that's that. Maybe its to be different, since everyone else shoots color down here, but, to me, it captures the high contrast of the black and whiteness of antarctica better.


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