In Honor of Pup Survey #3...More Pup!

Every week or so in the early season, we perform a pup survey to get an idea of pup survival.  This takes us all over the study area, and we record hundreds of pups and mom tags.  The most difficult part is getting the pups to show us their sex...sometimes...if you play it right, you can poke them on the side and they'll flip over and expose their belly side in one quick motion of surprise.  This pup had no problem exposing his belly for me.
The pups tags...they are bright blue in real life...
"aaahh! is that candy?!!"  (reference for Halloween...ok, maybe not that funny)
big belly


  1. Don't worry about funniness...this is science, remember? A great way to start my day...very funny!

  2. I don't know how I missed this one. Awesome pics! Some of my favorites.


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