Eric the Iceman

A photo that has to be shared:

Nothing more need be said.
And Thierry sporting the new B009 team sweatshirts!!
Thanks Amandine and Thierry's cousin!!


  1. Eric...looks like an ice safety guy? Please interpret the sweatshirts for us (me).

    1. Eric... Not really the ice safety guy just looks like an antarctic lumberjack;-)

      Our project is named B009. This is how NSF labels all the science groups. B stands for biology. The 009 basically means we were the 9th biology group to do research when the NSF started down here in the 60s or something. If you do science on ocean currents you would be O323 or something,0 being for oceanography. Or g for geology. So whenever we talk to anyone on station, (if we need to get a months worth of food for example) we always introduce ourselves as B009. That's how everyone knows us. "those B009 folks always stink so bad, like fish or something."

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  3. You're very welcome! They look great on you and I'm happy you like them!

  4. I want Eric on my zombie apocalypse team!

    Is Thierry tagging that pup in the picture?

    1. Yup, he's tagging the pup. And yes Eric would be good for that!


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