Comparative Fat Content Analysis

...a real science-y way of saying "Look at how fat that pup has gotten!"


About 70 pounds.


Pup is on the left (!)  About 270 pounds.  See how the mom diminishes as well.

Blubbery fatso (that's a compliment)

Chubs sleeping in a collapsed cornice
Working amongst the fatties.  Note the seal behind Jason...thats a mom whos been nursing for about a month...she used to be quite rotund, now you can see her shoulder and hip bones now that the pup has incorporated all her mass.
All Weddell seal images obtained under NMFS permit no. 17236


  1. Boney Mom......she must be close to saying goodbye to Chubs. Or, will they stay together for awhile?
    And when and where does breeding occur?

    1. Yeah, she is very close to leaving the pup probably. The breeding occurs in the colonies, and has just started within the past two weeks, as is evidenced by bloody males hauling out and resting from battles below the ice. One male defends a certain area under the ice, and whatever females are contained in that area are his. It's kind of entertaining when we spook a male such that he "runs" and dives into a tide crack, and seconds later he comes shooting out frantically trying to get away from a male that was already under the ice.

  2. That's a great post! Now we can "see" the data that we found before Thanksgiving break.

  3. I would like to see a video of you and Darren wrestling with one of the seals for tagging.

    Also, how does it feel like when hugging a seal? Does it feel comfortable?

    1. As tempting as it is to hug the pups, I've never done it! They have some teeth, and don't appear to really enjoy having anyone touch them!

  4. America's new favorite Australian funny girl Rebel Wilson has her own t-shirt line. Yup, you heard me right. Rebel debuted her "Fat Mandi" tees via a twitpic.


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