where the scientists roam...

Stuck inside for the day, on this lazy Sunday, due to Condition One and Two storm raging outside...so I thought I would give you a quick glimpse of the inside of Crary Laboratory, where science happens!

Skull from a crab-eater seal...see the funky teeth?  Adapted to filter one of the world's most plentiful organims...krill.


  1. That's a really elegant looking laboratory. Built out of shipping containers-? What a neat museum too. I would never have guessed the reason for those perforated teeth. Cool adaptation for reaping the healthful benefits of krill! Tho they'd keep you awfully busy with a toothpick.

  2. Yeah, they have a really nice entrance to the lab, and the lab itself is pretty much top of the line building, not shipping containers, just a very cold and weather resistant construct!


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