To the South

"Socializing" in the LA airport

Touring around Christchurch to find BIRDS with Thierry

Little Shags pondering the hills of Chirstchurch

Seal team members Darren and Jess (in background) and fellow scientist (for fish) Brad (in background).  On the bus shuttling to board the C17

US Antarctic Program participants (scientists, support staff, and the like) sporting the bunny boots on the C17

In the cockpit, in flight!  The ice and world outside so white and blinding....

Kickin off the boots, layin' back, enjoying the throbbing of the giant

An icy landing...

and immediate loading onto the strangest man-hauler
next stop...McMurdo
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  1. Yeehaw! Thanks for the great photos- you must have pulled the trigger on a cool camera? Looking forward to more updates and photos. We'll miss ya this winter!

  2. Hope you guys have a great season! Tell everyone I said Hi!

    Jen mannas

  3. Awesome pictures, Jesse! Looks like your new camera and lens are a winning combo!

  4. Jesse jumpstarters: whiteness, ice, cold, wind.

  5. MARVELOUS photos. You really captured the otherworldliness of it all. Those bunny boots! That massive beast disgorging orange spacepersons. New camera equipment + your eye for journalism promise more exciting blog posts to come. So glad you're back!


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