The Goods

 "Where's the seals????!!"  Relax, they're coming...for now you can watch us gear up and logisticalize until we get to see the seals for ourselves too!  This collection of photos is from our "gear pull" from the Berg Field Center that houses all field supplies for researchers.  This is the gear we need to survive two months in a field camp on the ice....
The huts, awaiting patiently on the outskirts of McMurdo, to be pulled out onto the ice.  And then we live in them.
bamboo flags to mark roads, obstacles, cracks, etc...
the "everlasting" sunset


  1. Please explain the long, long, ceiling high gearbags.

  2. Those are a variety of Scott tents used in the field quite a bit down here. Incredibly sturdy tents that withstand 80 mph wind. Ironically similar to what R.F. Scott used and died in on his return from reaching the south pole.

  3. That looks like one big soup tureen, in the third photo in this set. Soup for a week at a time? Swen

  4. Actually, we use those for melting snow and ice for dishwater, rinse water, and washing of seal poopy and gunked items!


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