The Catch Up Medley

We are working in one of the most remote places in the world, and, as of today, we have high speed internet in our little field camp of that is incredible.  My absence in posting is due to this lack of internet (which hasn't been a bad thing to me!, but, I hope, dear reader, you understand and have been patient).  So this post, is to recap the week of absence, and bring Antarctica right back to you.  
Continued drilling of cracks to find safe routes across was a general theme earlier this week.

Captain Thierry demonstrating proper tagging technique...preparing the crew for hard days of collecting lots of data
And Thierry (left) and Eric (right) about to put the technique into practice.  The pupping season began only about 5 days ago...starting out with a few new pups here and there, until today, where we tagged about 30 new pups.
Jason becoming adept at data input in the field.  Part of being a biologist is proper data management, and the seal team has it down to
Darren (left) looking pretty awesome (Thierry in background)

Pressure ridge course taught by FSTP (Field Safety Training Program, or "F-stop"), a crew of mountain guides dedicated to helping scientists do their work in any terrain.
Emp Pengy - first of the season to wander by.  Groups of these penguins can be seen aimlessly wandering, far from any open water.  I don't think anyone has any idea what becomes of them.
The complacent Weddell (All Weddell seal images obtained under NMFS Permit No. 17236)
Each day, more and more females are arriving at the colonies.  Most are VERY BIG, soon to deliver a little bag of bones pup.
Seals at Big Razorback, our huts in background
Big Razorback colony, with Mt Erebus in background


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