Taggin' and Headbaggin'

Today was a fairly steady pup tagging day.  It seems that Turks Head is the place for pregnant moms this season, as it seems to be the most hapupenin' colony.  Spent a wonderful day with Darren Roberts and co-PI (principal investigator...the boss) Jay Rotella tagging pups and retagging adults (for those that have lost tags or need tags)

Found this little pup, probably the smallest I've seen...maybe 40 pounds?  Average weight of most pups is probably around 70 pounds.  Mom is not a big mom either.  So who is more successful in life?  Smaller pups?  Bigger pups?  Weddell seal images obtained under NMFS Permit No. 17236
Watch out for sea ice monsters!
This is how we tag adults, using a head bag restraining method, which helps us to quickly and efficiently tag them without causing them too much stress.  Darren Roberts on the reigns, Jay Rotella tagging the rear flippers.
Sniff Sniff