Shameless Advertising

Thanks Kate's Real Food for the much needed, and delicious, calories!!


  1. Looks so crispy! Forgot to introduce another cute product presenters in the far background?

  2. Jesse, thanks for putting our bars to the test! Looks like you all love what you do down there, and have some fun friends to hang out with! -Kate

  3. Hi, Jesse. Our second grade is thrilled to be following your adventures in Antarctica. If you are back in IF before school lets out in late May, we would love to meet you in person. We think you are a wonderful scientist. Our school does lots of math and science. Even our reading curriculum comes from National Geographic!

    Mrs. Depperschmidt’s Second Grade
    Mountain Valley Elementary

    1. Wow! So excited your class is following my blog! I would be pleased to come get to know the students! Will have to keep in touch on that.


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