Pup buds

I just can't help it.

It may be better to view video here (larger and can change quality).

Footage taken under NMFS permit no 17236.


  1. That's a great video - the third graders are going to go CRAZY over it!

  2. Ohhhh, thank you for that!! I'm going to watch it again and again. Please don't ever "help it"!

  3. Very cute! But I can't help but think... 1) There is only so much milk 2)These pups might be fighting for their lives? They both have a lot of weight to put on. Is mom morbidly obese? I hope so...

    1. Luckily, these pups don't belong to the same momma...the other momma was probably out swimming or working on her tan somewhere else on the beach, neglecting her motherly duties. I think they will both be ok...they'll be fatso's soon.

  4. Replies
    1. He does seem a bit like the obnoxious one doesn't he?


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