Flaggin' Roads with the D

The D (Darren Roberts) warming up the drill.  Today, our objective was to flag a path all the way to the snowy cliffs in the background, called Hutton Cliffs, where a large seal colony is. The flagged roads are for safety (when the weather comes in, sometimes the only way to get home is to drive flag to flag because that's all you can see) and for ease of travel.  Here we are drilling directly into the sea ice (we never meet sea water) to make a bamboo flag-sized hole.  And then we plunk the flag into it.  Voila.

Skidoos are loaded to the brim with flags.  You can see our flagged road trailing of in the distance.

Turned out, we almost needed the flags to get back!  Almost.  Just a tad foggy.  Nothing serious.

the D, for real.

The end of a hard days work of drilling treated us to some great sun dogs that barely fit within my lens!