First, an introduction...

I'm getting stoked for the summer season!  Check out my first ever video production...discussing the why of our mountain ungulate research in the greater Yellowstone area:

*It is better viewed from YouTube than watching here.

I hope to produce more video shorts...but the demands on my time will soon be ever-increasing, probably to exponential when I start the summer field season!

And a few pictures of the study animals taken by various folks related to the project:

Photo by Hollie Miyasaki, Palisades Idaho

Goat on top of Montana's highest peak (Granite Peak 12,799ft)

Camera trap photo by Hollie Miyasaki, Palisades Idaho


  1. Fabulous job on your educational video! Beautiful cinematography (lighting, framing and intense blocks of color), interesting angles and use of zooming, super job choosing music and coordinating it with Robert Garrot's informative talk and appropriately synced pics. it is hard to believe this is your first effort!!

    Love all the pics and wonder if there's a photography award category somewhere for trail cams. Hollie Miyasaki's is really outstanding.

    Good luck and hope you don't entirely disappear from this space as you get busy. We saw two wolves yesterday in Y-stone. A dark collared female and a white male (they both peed, so we knew ;-) ...) across the river at Willow Park north of Norris.

  2. I see CRYBABY LEARNS TO SWIM has won the most watched video in your 1 Year Ago category. Congratulations!


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