the Antarctic Sun: Sealed and Delivered

Check out a very well written article on the Weddell seal research:


  1. That was fascinating! Good gosh, who knew you could learn so much from one animal population. It must take a lot of collective experience and imagination to think of all the gold to be mined there. The sheer volume of data is phenomenal. Your statisticians must be the unsung heroes in this deal--or do you and your professor crunch the numbers? Not sure your mom will be too thrilled to read about your zig-zagging around cryptic marker flags on cracked polar ice.

  2. Takes a lot of thinking to find where the gold is...the professors on the project are very good at this. It is an admirable trait to know where the most worthwhile effort is to be spent.

    And yes, we wouldn't be anywhere without the statisticians! Though the professors and grad students on the Weddell seal project are incredibly good with the analyses as well. It always comes back to statistics...


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