Seal Pup Surprise

At the outset of my arrival in Antarctica, I intended to update my blog regularly in such a way that my readers could gain a better sense of the seal research we are doing and of the on-the-ice lifestyle.  I have failed miserably(!)...however, I hope that what was seen here was eye-opening, interesting, and/or entertaining.

As of now, our crew has 3 more days in Antarctica.  We fly from McMurdo to Christchurch, NZ on Dec 15, and thus will end the 2010 Weddell seal field season.  However, I intend to keep updating my blog with some of the season's highlights and excitements as time goes on.  It is also worth it to keep an eye on (or check out if you haven't already) Mary Lynn Price's Weddell Seal Science website, although it will remain dormant for a few weeks to come as she resumes video editing in a month or so.  Or you can just check back here for updates on that.

For now, I will treat you to another pup video.  This taken at Turtle Rock two days ago.  Most of the momma seals have completely abandoned their pups, and the pups must learn to get a long on their own now...and they are still learning the ropes on the ice....

To enlarge, click on the movie AGAIN after it has started playing.  From there you can even enlarge it more by clicking the symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the video.


  1. Ghaaaa! Ghaaa-ngaaaa-guh-guh-gaaahh! LOL, Jesse--too funny! FYI when Wes heard this he ran for his toys and started squeaking back like mad. Now as for "failing miserably"(??)--au contraire mon ami, you have succeeded brilliantly! Your blog is ALL of the above, and more. Thank goodness for scientists with a sense of humor (yes, we heard that giggling behind the camera). Thanks for bringing us your Antarctic adventure with such matchless creativity and wit. Happy travels to you!

  2. Jesse, I've been waiting for Kristin to comment on the pup's first sentence in the video because she is right on. It's obvious: "Geeez, I hurt my foot!"

  3. oh, what does that seal pup say??
    here are a few responses:


    "Oy, my back"

    Geeez i love my foot"

    "Geez, i hurt my butt"

    "mom, Ma, i hurt my foot"



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