Weddell Seal Science video blog

For those who have been unaware, and have been waiting desperately for new posts on my blog (much honest apologies!), there is a place to go to allay your desperation!

This year, the Weddell seal research team is fortunate to have Mary Lynn Price on board, who is an esteemed videographer of science and educational materials.  She has already uploaded several videos to the Weddell Seal Science blog documenting the many aspects of our research project in Erebus Bay!  Also, you can get video podcasts on iTunes, just search for DiveFilm HD Video.  Also here!  Check them'll be pleasantly surprised!

And I'll just throw this in:

The first Emperor Penguins of the season (and my first ever!) wandering along the Cape Evans Road


  1. I feel like I need to bow before the Emperor!

  2. Weddell Seal Science is great! With that and your blogs, I'm practically there.

  3. Jesse! What color is your hat? The black one with a wide gray rim and a string bobble on the top? That's my guess after watching this a few times. We continue to be so proud of you!

  4. Mary: You got it! That's me alright. It's tough to figure out who is who since everyone wears the same red coats!

  5. Thanks Mary. We've been proudly admiring the guy in the blue hat thinking J switched hats now and then.


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