Name That Bird!!

Let's see how good you folks are at IDing your birds.  I'm keeping score!  There are a couple of difficult ones here, so maybe just a smidgen of cheating allowed...but test yourself first!











  1. Kathy B. (Wendy's sister)July 31, 2010 at 5:51 PM

    My guesses-- minus one LGB:

    YBCH (Yellow-breasted chat)
    LAZB (Lazuli bunting)
    WETA (Western tanager)
    BUOR (Bullocks oriole)
    NAWA (Nashville warbler)
    LGB?? (Little gray bird--Brewer's sparrow?)
    SPTO (Spotted towhee)
    HAWO, imm (Hairy woodpecker)
    TEWA (Tennesee warbler)
    Great website! I loved the banding photos. Will Jesse post the answers to his bird quiz?


  2. Yes, I will post answers once I feel that everyone has had enough contemplation time....

  3. Are we allowed to look up the birds on the Internet? Or is that considered "cheating"? :)

  4. I permit looking up the birds...especially since I've only had two responses to the quiz!

  5. Okay. Great!
    #1 Yellow-Breasted Chat
    #2 Lazuli Bunting
    #3 Prothonotary Warbler
    #4 Bullock's Oriole
    #5 Orange-Crowned Warbler
    #6 Lanceolated Warbler
    #7 Spotted Towhee
    #8 Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
    #9 Philadelphia Vireo

    Man was that tough. Especially when you can't see the whole body! I gave it my best shot though :)


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