Two parentals for a very white Easter visit! (So now we get the snow, sheesh!) It snowed continuously for several days, but the animals didn't mind one bit...
One Bear
Two bears (one is on a carcass at the very left edge of the fence...hard to see, but it is a bear)

Along with these two bears hanging out near the carcass, there were four wolves waiting nearby, probably hoping for an opportunity to steal a bite or two when the bears were full.  

Mom says "oh c'mon, you've had your turn, let the others have some food!" to the one bear that refused to leave the carcass.

Bear attack survivor?
Wolf attack survivor?
Fish attacker and bison scavenger.
The wild researcher man of Yellowstone....

....has been tamed.


  1. the units look good, wondering who prefers the wild you to the tame you? and just WHO tamed you?

  2. BISON!!!!!!!!!!!! Love pics :)

  3. Whenever my mother shows up and sees me with my long hair, her first words are "can I cut your hair?" And so she did.

  4. I think your mom did a great job with the scissors, and you're a good son to put up with it--a parental attack survivor, as it were.

    Speaking of which, your mom loaned me "Cat Attacks". As if we didn't already have enough to worry about with you working daily among the bison, wolves and grizzlies. I wonder if there are cougars making a living in the park(?). That book opens new perspectives on coexisting with large predators of all sorts, and gives a feel for what it is to fall prey to one of them (brrrrr...!).

    Nice photo documentation.

  5. Cat Attacks is a great, although frightening, read. While in Yellowstone I've been keeping a keen eye for cougars, and this country seems very cougar-y to me, but there are only very occasional reports of the cats. In the beginning of the winter there was a report of tracks, but none since. There is just no food for them here...except for people...well, wildlife researchers to be more correct since we are the only ones out hiking in the backcountry! But I'm not too worried! The only thing I worry about are the grizzly bears that are galumphing around, especially since we hike in on carcasses. I have no fear of wolves, because, for the most part, they are terrified of humans.


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