Ahhh...life on a supervolcano...

At exactly 11:16 PM last night, Yellowstone sent out a reminder to those terrestrial-bound creatures treading upon her soil (this includes me), that there is much more to the park than pretty, puffing, spewing geysers and elusive wolves stealing through the trees after elk.  I happened to be asleep at the time, but no matter, she awoke me without care or consideration.  "What the? the bed is shaking...wait...(now that I'm more awake)...the entire house is shaking!"  Only a short few seconds past, and the tremor was over.  In my dreamy state of mind, I laid my head back on my pillow, muttered "awesome" to myself, and immediately went back to sleep.

This was actually not the first reminder that Yellowstone has issued forth from her bowels.  In fact, one occurred 15 minutes earlier, but I was dead to the world.  Actually, the past three days have held several earthquakes over 3.0 magnitude.  The one that awoke me was the largest, with a magnitude of 3.8.  Click here to see more!  

These clusters of earthquake activity are considered entirely normal for Yellowstone.  It is to be expected, since it is a volcano.

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  1. I bet that was super exciting. Good thing there wasn't a miniature poodle sleeping next to you. He probably would have torn your face off being so scared :) Haha...thanks for the blog posts. It's exciting to hear and see what's going on.

  2. You were probably the closest human being to the epicenter. Not many people receive such an honor.


  3. Wow, it's hard to imagine learning to take such rumblings in stride! I wonder, do the quakes affect wildlife? (Do they get as jittery as I would?) The chart indicates yet another mag. 3 there yesterday evening. Richard Fortey's book "Earth", on plate tectonics, etc., might be interesting reading for a quake zone.

  4. Gosh - that sounds incredible!!! I am definitely studying the wrong thing ;)


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