Pine Creek

First juvenile of the year for me! And as far as I know, its the only one in Zion that has been observed this year! I had heard this little guy on an earlier visit about a week ago, but was really unsure if it just an adult or not. But I went back last night and heard both adults call, as well as the juvenile, who "whistled" repetitively for at least two hours. The whistle is an ascending screech that sounds airy and raspy, and is their begging call, or "FEED ME!!" call. I also watched one adult flying from perch to perch in the canyon. He seemed to be completely ignoring his chick. I probably would too with all that incessant screaming.
I am now on my four day break and am planning to visit Bryce Canyon and possibly the Wave for some photography practice. I will get more photos on here soon!